Window blinds regulate the incoming light and give a nice atmosphere at home or in a office. Painted aluminum blinds are produced in several colors and You will have lots to choose from! Blinds are always custom-made for Your exact needs.

We also have No hole -blackout blinds that allow less light inside by having thicker slat spacing and very small string holes in the slats.

Technical information
Colours: OSIO-collection: 31 different colors
Material: Aluminum, strength 0,18-0,21 mm
Width of Slat: 16, 25, 35 and 50 mm
Head rail / bottom list: Painted steel, matching slat’s colour
String colour: Matching slat’s colour, if not ordered otherwise
Width of Blind: Installed between windows: min. 11,5 cm, max. 300 cm

Installed to window’s surface: min. 14 cm, max. 300 cm

16 mm blinds: max. 220cm

Heigth of Blind: Depends on the width of blind, max. 300-500 cm
Measuring: Check instructions here
Installation: Between the windows or to window’s surface