Panel curtains are great for protection from excess sunlight. At the same time they provide privacy protection to homes and offices. They are more and more commonly used as room dividers, interior decor curtains and acoustic curtains. They are suitable for interior use, but also exterior use on glass balconies.

Panel Curtains’ functionality makes them an ideal solution for solar protection and decoration, because they stay in shape excellently and they glide effortlessly on their tracks. You can use them by hand or with motor.

The easiest way to divide big areas without permanently blocking the way is to install panel curtains. For relaxed atmosphere it is good to divide eating area from TV-area. Panel curtains are also used as sliding doors in storage rooms and walk-in-closets.

Our material and color selection is wide and you can find anything for private or public needs. You can choose from juicy colours, black-out fabrics, flame retardant materials and energy efficient screen fabrics that block the sun’s heat but won’t block visibility and lightness.

Basic Color Collection

The colors below come as transparent and black-out. Beware that the lighter the color, the more translucent it is in practice. White and light colors penetrate sun beautifully whereas black is almost completely black-out.