Pleated Blinds are ideal for the windows that need privacy and solarprotection with a modern interior design touch. Forget the paper pleated blinds from last millenium and get ready for the new era of pleated blinds made from top quality fabrics.

Wide fabric collection

You can order pleated blinds with a wide range of different technical fabrics from black-out to flame retardant ones and from energy saving honeycombs to cheerful colors. Get to know our range in stores or ask our agent to come for a visit with the fabric collection to match the perfect fabric to your interior decoration.

Versatile use

Pleated Blind’s versatility makes it a unique solution for solar protection of any kind of windows.You can freely decide the position of the blind, because the blind funtions with wires and handles. Many of us love the sunlight that flows in from the windows, but none of us likes glare. You can let sunlight flow from top and bottom of the window and shade just the middle.

For apartments in the street level, pleated blinds offer beautiful privacy protection that lets sunlight flow inside from the upper part of window.

Pleated blinds are possible to manufacture also for round, tilted, triangle and roof windows. Contact us for more information, we’re happy to help you find the perfect solution for your privacy and solar protection needs.