The one and only in Finland: Rust and weather proof blind! No more rusting parts, just aluminum from top to bottom.

  • Block heat
  • Block glare
  • Add privacy
  • Turn balcony into an extra room
  • Open & Slide windows normally
  • Choose from silver and white color
  • Ask for our measuring and installation service
  • We are happy to help!

Glass balconies can get very hot in the summer. You can control the incoming sunlight and warmth and add privacy to your balcony with blinds that suit Your balcony windows.

Solar Protection in Practice

A typical solution for glass balconies is to install 16 mm blinds to sliding upper window panes. The color choices, matte silver and matte white, are the ones that reflect the sunbeams most effectively. 16 mm blinds are an excellent solar protection also inside the house, especially between the windows. To the lower fixed balcony windows the most common solution is 25 mm venetian blind with a wider range of colors. The most used colors are matte silver, matte white and graphite grey. One possibility to both 16 mm and 25 mm blinds is the perforated slat in silver and white. The perforated slat keeps the heat outside, but enables people and pets enjoy the view outside from the balcony. To prevent blinds from clacking to the windows in strong wind / while opening windows and moving them around, order magnets to keep them in place.

Other choices for the balcony

We also manufacture, sell and install roller blinds, vertical blinds and panel curtains to glass balconies. Choose your favourite from our wide range of products and colors. The most effective fabric for solar protection is screen fabric. Screen is see-through, but it keeps the harmful heat and glare outside from the balcony. Screen curtains are ideal for balconies that need efficient solar protection without blocking the view outside. You can also order awnings for balconies, terraces and windows from us!











16mm blinds and 25mm blinds


Technical information

Colours: OSIO-collection: 31 different colours
Material: Aluminum, strength 0,21 mm
Width of Slat: 16, 25, 35 and 50 mm slats.
Head rail / bottom list: Painted steel, matching slat’s colour. 16 mm also available in aluminum
String colour: Matching slat’s colour if not ordered otherwise
Width of Blind: 16 mm for sliding balcony windows/ on window’s surface: min. 14 cm, max. 220 cm16 mm for between windows installation: min. 11,5 cm, max. 220 cm.25 mm on window’s surface: min. 14 cm, max. 300cm25 mm for between windows installation: min. 11,5 cm, max. 300 cm
Heigth of Blind: Depends on the width of blind, max. 300-500 cm
Installation: On balcony: With quick brackets to window pane’s surface. Inside: Between the windows or to the window’s surface.