Use awnings to protect your home and terrace from sunlight and rain. It’s suitable for both covering and decorating your terrace and windows. Terrace awnings extend the summer season literally. UV-treated fabric protects interior decoration materials from the discoloring influence of sunlight.

Protection from the sun

Awnings offer protection from the sun to cool off the apartment, block glare and protect interiors such as furniture, textiles and wallpapers from sun damage. In addition, awnings give your property a personal appearance!

Awnings have made it through an exquisite testing process to ensure the durability through hottest summer heats to freezing cold winters. All materials are tested top quality, which guarantees a long life for your awnings.

Durable materials

Unfading 100% acrylic fabric material is specially treated to be dirt, water and air pollution resistant. Fabric blocks 95% of the heat and glare, and even 100% of UV radiation. The color range covers nearly all the colors of the rainbow, from one colored to multi-striped designs.

Awning structure consists of high quality aluminum and pressure cast aluminum parts. You can choose awning mechanism to function manually, with a switch or automatically. Automatic awning is the easiest solution for you, because it reads its sensors to decide itself when sun protection is needed.

Customized design

Contact us and design the best awning solutions to your house with our professional sales staff. In our business areas (Southern & Western Finland and Pirkanmaa) we can arrange a salesman to come for a free planning visit! On other regions you can trust on our resellers.