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With the help of an awning, you protect the terrace from too much sun and light rain in a stylish and safe way. The awning reduces glare in the apartment and can help save up to 80% on air conditioning costs. In our selection you will find terrace and window awnings for home and business use. The awning gives the property a stylish and personal look and makes summer more enjoyable! Who wouldn’t want an extra space for the summer, where they can relax, dine and read protected from the heat, glare and deafening rain? For all custom-made awnings, you can freely choose the color of the fabric and the profile. You can also decide the shape of the front label yourself or leave it out. We make all our custom awnings ourselves, so our delivery times are fast!

Quality materials

We make sure that our awnings are of the best possible quality. The materials are tested to withstand the Nordic climate both in summer and winter. Awnings therefore have a long life cycle and are easy to maintain. The fabric material is non-fading acrylic that repels water, dirt and pollution. In addition, it prevents heat penetration and UV radiation up to 100%. In our color selection, you will find a wide variety of colors and color combinations.

The structural parts are of European quality. Aluminum profiles and die-cast aluminum parts ensure the perfect functioning and long life of the awning. You can choose manual, electric or automatic operation as the mechanism. In terms of your own comfort and the lifespan of the awning, the best option is an automatic mechanism. In this case, the awning recognizes when sun protection is needed and when the weather is so severe that it is worth rolling up. You can also control the automatic awning with a switch or remote control.

Professional design and measurement

Buying just the right kind of awning requires taking many different things into consideration, so we recommend that our representative visits the site to plan the best possible solution with you. All our salespeople are experienced professionals and they measure the awning for you. By contacting us directly, you are one step closer to a more stylish and comfortable home/office.

A measurement and planning visit is available in our operating area (Southern Finland – in other areas, you are served by our authorized dealers). In the capital region, our measurement service is free. Contact us, and together we will plan the best option for you.

Terrace awning with or without motor

Osio Perla

The most popular of the terrace awnings is our Osio Perla model, whose finished appearance is combined with the market’s most durable components and ease of use.

Osio Diamante

As an added convenience, the Osio Diamante terrace awning offers the option of tilt adjustment, so you can best protect yourself from the glare of the sun shining from below.

Window awning

Both window awning models are available with any fabric in our collection. The color options of the profile are white, graphite gray and silver gray.

Osio Gemma

The crank-operated window awning effectively protects the windows from the scorching sun. Window awnings can be up to six meters wide, which means that many windows can fit under the same awning.

Osio Dora

The ribbon-operated Osio Dora window awning is popular due to its ease of use. The angle of the awning can be adjusted from inside the apartment using the tape.

Osio Giotto Katosmarkiisi

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