Sliding doors   

High-quality sliding doors from Osio – A beautiful door surface and a feeling of space in the apartment.

Sliding doors are a beautiful interior design element and at the same time a very practical way to save space. In addition to the hallway, sliding doors are also suitable for e.g. bedrooms and kitchens.

Our narrowest sliding door (SlimLine) occupies only 3.6 cm of the depth of the cabinet. Thanks to the adjustable wheels on the lower profile, the door slides as easily as a feather. If desired, the door can be divided by one or more dividing strips.

In our selection, mirror sliding doors, narrow SlimLine sliding doors, strong DuoLine sliding doors, partition doors and curtain rails.

High-quality sliding doors are a custom-made product.

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Sliding doors – SlimLine

SlimLine mirror sliding doors fit almost anywhere, because they only take up 3.6 cm of the depth of the cabinet. A clean hallway widened by mirrors gives a stylish first impression of your home or office.

Sliding doors – DuoLine

DuoLine sliding doors with aluminum frames are the best option for sliding doors for large and medium-sized buildings. DuoLine doors are strong and slide incredibly easily and silently.

Partition doors

A room divider without bottom rail that catches the eye, but also hides it from them! The sliding doors slide easily and safely, and you can always get them according to your own measurements and wishes.


Our professional installation service is at your disposal almost everywhere in Finland. You can easily order the doors directly from the factory by calling or emailing.