Roller blinds

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  • Protection from the sun
  • Protection from glare
  • Protection from the eyes of passers-by
  • A total eclipse
  • An energy-efficient interior design element

With roller blinds, you can make any room cozy. The material of the roller blind should be chosen according to the purpose of use.

For the bedroom, we recommend a blackout fabric, so that you can sleep better even in a Finnish summer night or in the glare of street lights.

Screen curtains are especially suitable for kitchens, offices and balconies, which prevent the sun’s heat energy from passing into the interior, but through which you can see outside.

There are many operating options: spring and chain mechanism and motor drive. Roller blinds can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling.

As an additional accessory for the curtains, you can get a metal ball chain or a transparent ball chain. The finished look is guaranteed by the aluminum bottom bar. Ask about these options if you are interested!

Or order roller blinds easily, quickly and inexpensively directly from our online store in translucent, blackout or screen fabric!

Technical information

Fabric selection: A wide collection of high-quality European fabrics, list of basic fabrics below
Fabric material: Polyester Screen: polyester-PVC mixture
Mechanism: Chain or spring driven
Bottom list: A wooden strip sewn into the alley at the bottom edge
Curtain width: Min. 50 cm, max. 350 cm
Curtain height: Max. 300 cm
Installation methods: On the wall or ceiling
Installation: Download the roller blind installation and care instructions
Accessories Motorization, chain in transparent and metallic, metal lower bar in white and silver
Measurement instructions: Measure the width and height of the area to be covered. The width can be measured either according to the width of the fabric or as a pin-to-pin measurement (including the space required by the brackets). Blackout curtains should be measured over the frame.

Color selection

In translucent shades, transparency is strongly linked to the lightness of the shade (white lets light through, black almost darkens).

Audible roller blinds


Classic valkoinen
1150 Classic 1078 white
Classic luonnonvalkoinen
Classic antiikinvalkoinen
Classic beige
1150 Classic 2103 beige
Classic valkaistu hiekka
1150 Classic 2326 bleached sand
Classic harmaa
1150 Classic 9165 grey
Classic tummanharmaa
1150 Classic 9119 dark grey
Classic musta
1150 Classic 9092 black


Antares valkoinen
1000 Antares 1021 white
Antares lumivalkoinen
1000 Antares 1088 snow-white
Anteres kerma
1000 Antares 2071 cream
Antares beige
1000 Antares 2103 beige
Antares tumma beige
1000 Antares 2349 dark-beige
Antares harmaa
1000 Antares 9030 grey
Antares hiiren harmaa
1000 Antares 9060 mouse-grey
Antares vaaleanharmaa
1000 Antares 9124 light-grey
Antares tummanharmaa
1000 Antares 9162 dark-grey
Antares musta
1000 Antares 9163 black


Shade valkoinen
1134 Shade 1089 white
Shade simpukka
1134 Shade 9169 shell
Shade hiekka
1134 Shade 2368 sand
Shade mahonki
1134 Shade 8178 mahagony
Shade kultaisen ruskea
1134 Shade 2367 golden brown
Shade hopea rauta
1134 Shade 9223 silber iron
Shade kiiltävä musta
1134 Shade 9167 shine black

Blackout roller blinds

Antares BO

Pimentävä Antares valkoinen
1001 AntaresBO 1000 white
Pimentävä Antares beige
1001 AntaresBO 2025 beige
Pimentävä Antares hiekka
1001 AntaresBO 2445 beach
Pimentävä Antares vaaleanharmaa
1001 AntaresBO 9030 light grey
Pimentävä Antares hiirenharmaa
1001 AntaresBO 9060 mouse grey
Pimentävä Antares tummanharmaa
1001 AntaresBO 9162 dark grey
Pimentävä Antares antrasiitti
1001 AntaresBO 9092 anthracite

Screen ja Aluscreen

Screen 3000

Screen valkoinen
3N00105250 white
Screen luunvalkoinen
3N00205250 white bone
Screen valko-harmaa
3N00305250 white grey
Screen harmaa
3N30105250 grey
Screen hiili-harmaa
3N903 charcoal grey
Screen tummanharmaa
3N904 darkgray
Screen hiili
3N90105250 charcoal


Aluscreen valkoinen-beige
Aluscreen harmaa-vaaleanharmaa
Aluscreen musta-aprikoosi
Aluscreen musta-harmaa
Aluscreen musta

Colors removing from the collection

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100 Valkoinen
100 Valkoinen
232 Vaaleanharmaa
232 Vaaleanharmaa
224 Taivas
224 Taivas
145 Sitruuna
145 Sitruuna
204 Oranssi
204 Oranssi
303 Papyrus
303 Papyrus
811 Osteri
811 Osteri
225 Sininen
225 Sininen
753 Safiiri
753 Safiiri
804 Marsin punainen
804 Marsin punainen
745 Norsunluu
745 Norsunluu
728 Antrasiitti
718 Antrasiitti
812 Laguuni
819 Oriental sininen
805 Kastanja
805 Kastanja
214 Hiekka
214 Hiekka
806 Nutria
806 Nutria
810 Atlantti
810 Atlantti
809 Kiivi
809 Kiivi
228 Musta
228 Musta

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