• Protection from sun
  • Protection fromglare
  • Protection from bypassers’ looks
  • Black-Out solution
  • Energy efficient interior design element

Roller blinds are traditional and popular textile blinds. The amount of incoming light depends on the roller blind’s fabric. You can choose from a big selection of colours and prints ranging from translucent to blackout options.

The blackout material is best used in TV-watching rooms and bedrooms. It’s the best solution for a good night sleep even in the sunny summer nights.

Roller blinds are easy and reliable to operate with a chain or spring mechanism. They can be installed either on wall or to ceiling.

Technical Information

Fabrics: Wide selection of european high-quality fabrics
Fabric material: Polyester. Screen: polyesteri and PVC mixed
Mechanism: Chain or spring mechanism
Bottom rail: Wooden beam inside a fabric hoop
Width of Blind: Min. 50 cm, max. 350 cm
Height of Blind: Max. 300 cm
Installation: Wall or ceiling
Accessories: Motorization, transparent chain, metal chain, metal bottom bar in white and silver
Measuring: Measure the area you wish to cover. State width as fabric width or complete width (barckets included) Measure Black-Out blinds over the window frames.

Basic Color Collection

The colors below come as transparent and black-out. Beware that the lighter the color, the more translucent it is in practice. White and light colors penetrate sun beautifully whereas black is almost completely black-out.