Vertical blinds are classy room dividers and an efficient solution for big window areas. Light and glare can be controlled by tilting the slats vertically.

The lamellas are available in 89 mm and 127 mm and in several colour options that meet individual desires and high quality expectations. Vertical blinds can also be installed diagonally.

 Technical Information

Fabrics: Wide selection of European high-quality fabrics
Fabric material: Polyester. Screen: polyesteri and PVC mixed
Width of lamella: 127 mm / 89 mm
Head rail: Aluminum painted white
Width of Blind: Max. 580 cm
Height of Blind: No limit
Installation: Wall or ceiling
Accessories: Available also in diagonal and round windows. Manufactured to be operated manually or motorized
Measuring: Measure width and height of window. Subtract about 1 cm of width and 1-3 of height.


Basic Color Collection

The colors below come as transparent and black-out. Beware that the lighter the color, the more translucent it is in practice. White and light colors penetrate sun beautifully whereas black is almost completely black-out.